Our Diamonds

If you're looking for a Round or Fancy cut diamond you are at the right place.

Our Exclusive cuts, the Lucére® and Korloff cut, will give you a competitive edge..

The Lucére® is a square model, with a step-cut crown and a flower patterned pavilion. This combination gives a superb light refraction and an exceptional brilliance.

The Korloff cut, with its 73 facets is a square or rectangular cut, a new cut created for Korloff, a well established French manufacturer of high class jewellery.

Round and Fancies or The Lucére® and Korloff cut for Beauty and Exclusivity.



At Krochmal & Lieber we strive to have a varied stock of rounds to be able to answer all enquiries.

  • Certified and non-certified diamonds.
  • Colors from D-M, capes and fancy colors.
  • Purities from IF till I3.
  • Sizes from smalls till larger sizes 5ct and up.


We have classic to modern fancy shapes such as pears, marquises, ovals, hearts, emeralds and others and special fancy shapes such has horse heads, bishop heads, triangles.


Fancy Colors

Every fancy colored diamond is unique.
It's nature's way of giving eternal color to this world.
Yellow, orange, champagne, pink and blue... and all the other colors of the rainbow, you find them all in diamonds. We have a nice selection of fancy colors in different shapes and sizes



For centuries, diamond cutters have been looking for the best way to polish diamonds. This age-old quest has led to the Lucére®.

Every Lucére® is hand cut by master cutters in Belgium and South Africa. The cutting process takes weeks; experienced technicians use the latest technology to check every facet for precision and brilliance.

The revolutionary design of the Lucére® combines the classical elegance of a square or rectangular cut with the brilliance of a traditional round cut.

Compared with the traditional round brilliant that has 57 facets, the Lucére®'s revolutionary design incorporates a total of 65 facets. The combination of 25 facets on the crown and 40 facets on the pavilion facilitates light penetration and reflection. Subtle adjustments to top and bottom angles lead to further improvements.

The overall effect is a uniquely beautiful diamond versatile enough to be worn in casual settings as well as at special social occasions.



Korloff is a well established manufacturer of high class and original designs in jewellery. Krochmal & Lieber has created a new cut to enhance the class and beauty of its jewellery.

Korloff Cut, a new diamond cut is born. 73 facets for more briliance and sparkle. The secret of this exceptional briliance lies in the 41 facets on the crown and the 32 facets on the pavilion.
Octagonal in shape, both classical and highly sophisticated, it is indeed a unique diamond.
Korloff 88 is a round cut with complex faceting. Only our experienced master cutters can cut and polish it.
The Korloff 88 approaches perfection in light and sparkle and no other round cut can match it.
Delivered with the Korloff laser marking on the girdle, it is certified by the IGI laboratory and is an internationally recognized new cut.