Why Choose US.

Krochmal & Lieber is a young and dynamic firm with three generations of experience.
Being manufacturers, with our own workshops, we can offer you advantageous prices.

Our Mission.

A lot more than diamond manufacturers - a concept, a personal approach from order till delivery - headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, the world capital of diamonds.

What we Do.

Creators of new and exclusive cuts such as: the "Korloff" and the "Lucére®" with a wide selection of diamonds that varies daily and satisfy international customers.

At Krochmal & Lieber we work together with you to supply your clients with the best possible diamond.

About us

Since 1927, headquartered in Antwerp, capital of the world diamond trade.

Krochmal & Lieber is a natural offschoot from a family concern originated in South Africa in 1927.

Managed by Ari Lieber and Ricky Krochmal - grandsons of Leon Krochmal, founder of the firm. Krochmal & Lieber offer a wide selection of diamonds in different shapes, sizes, qualities and color. We strive to give our clients a personal advice. With our exclusive cuts - Lucére® and Korloff - we achieved to cut and polish stones with unique sparkle and fire. Our products are exported worldwide and are recognized for beauty and competitive value.


All of our craftsmen are masters in their craft.

Krochmal & Lieber is a diamond cutting and polishing firm of long standing, with close connections to South-Africa.

Our main factory situated in the heart of Antwerp, is a shining example of the diamond manufacturing process, where every diamond is modelled with the greatest of care.

Krochmal & Lieber dispose of an extensive and varied stock of round and fancy cut diamonds, which is constantly replenished. We have diamonds to satisfy everyone's taste.



1927 Leon Krochmal was contracted by he South-African government to help to train 500 apprentices in diamond cutting and polishing
1933 Leon Krochmal started his own cutting factory in Johannesburg, South-Africa.
1956 Leon Krochmal arrived back in Antwerp where he was joined by his brother Maurice.
1960 L. Krochmal & Sons, a family manufacturing firm, was headquartered in Antwerp with Ronald Krochmal and Emile Lieber joining the business.
1968 L. Krochmal & Sons became sightholders in London. Their fine make became well known, especially in Japan.
1993 David Krochmal, Ari Lieber and Ricky Krochmal join the team and establish the new branch of Krochmal & Lieber.
1995 Our main factory , situated in the center of the Antwerp diamond area, became a pilot factory for the HRD, visited regularly by prominent visitors.
2001 Krochmal & Lieber created two exclusive cuts: the " Korloff " and the " Lucére® ".
2017 Krochmal & Lieber, rely on the know-how of their experienced master cutters, create the new Korloff 88 as well as other unique cuts for their established customers.